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Creating A Spark

Recognising the need to support actions outside our direct sphere of control, Landcom is actively working with partners in government and industry to explore opportunities to decarbonise the built environment in NSW beyond the boundaries of our projects.

Throughout 2021 Landcom worked with Campbelltown City Council and Sourced Energy to develop an energy sharing guide – Creating A Spark. This technical guide provides helpful information and practical suggestions for Councils and communities on how to enable energy sharing in communities.

We value being able to draw on our close working relationships with local councils, partners and others to explore ideas and opportunities that support the development of more sustainable communities. The project was supported by Local Government NSW with funding from the NSW Government.

We aim to help local communities and councils take a co-operative approach to controlling their energy generation and usage needs. This guide aims to answer one important question - what if electricity generated within a community was available for consumption by the community? In doing so, this guide:

  • introduces the concept of an energy sharing community
  • provides an overview of technologies, electricity market rules and regulations
  • shows how councils and developers can encourage local generation and future opportunities for energy sharing.

Community electricity sharing is evolving rapidly, so we will regularly update an online version of the guide with additional and latest information. The online guide is available at

"We need to consider 5-10 years ahead so the guide is still relevant as the community progresses. Plus, the guide can be used statewide, not just in the Campbelltown Area.

Kelly Williamson, Sustainability and Resilience Coordinator,
Campbelltown City Council.


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