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Landcom has been pushing ourselves and our industry to achieve more sustainable communities for 20 years. 

With our Sustainable Places Strategy being formally adopted for FY18, this report marks the halfway point in the delivery of our 10-year Sustainable Places Strategy as we look towards our 2028 leadership goals. To mark this milestone this report includes highlights of what we have achieved in the last five years. 

Over this time, the world has changed significantly. Locally and globally, we are witnessing the increasingly severe impacts of a changing climate, while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living and rapid changes to our everyday lives have placed unprecedented pressure on households. At the same time there is rapid innovation and growing momentum to deliver a climate positive future. 

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the last five years. Alongside the achievements highlighted below, there are other areas where continued focus is required. Ongoing work is needed to improve our performance across our biodiversity and BASIX targets, and we are working to understand and improve some community outcomes. 

As we look to the remaining five years of our Strategy there is a significant body of work remaining for Landcom and the wider property sector to do if we are going to cut emissions and address climate change. We are particularly focused on identifying and implementing a pathway to achieve our leadership goal to enable carbon neutral, zero waste, water positive and net positive ecological outcomes by 2028. Increasing affordability challenges across NSW are inextricably linked to sustainable development and we are looking at innovative ways to increase the equity and inclusivity of our communities. 

To ensure we are well-placed to achieve our 2028 goals and to reflect the changing market and environment in which we operate, in FY23 we will be reviewing our targets within the Sustainable Places Strategy and updating our approach as needed. 

Celebrating Five Years of our Sustainable Place Strategy

100% achievement across our urban heat island reduction, water sensitive urban design, climate resilience assessments and enabling onsite renewable energy targets

Released 1,607 affordable homes dwellings, including 279 Affordable Rental Housing releases, 2,557 diverse housing dwellings and 1528 home with universal design

Engaged over 25,800 students across our Skills Exchange and research program and invested over
$2.8 million in research and development

Continued alignment with international frameworks and global best practice, including adopting the recommendations of the TCFDs, adopting a Human Rights Statement and launching our Reflect RAP

Our Sustainable Places Strategy

Our Sustainable Places Strategy with four Leadership Goals guides the way we deliver new communities. Our FY22 performance for each part of our strategy is accessible below.