Climate Resilient Places

Climate Active Journey

In alignment with the Department of Planning and Environment’s Net Zero Plan and broader support across government, Landcom continues to commit and demonstrate action towards enabling carbon neutral outcomes.

Beginning in CY18, Landcom began to address our organisational carbon footprint and looked to build internal capability. This included a sensitivity assessment to understand our organisational carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The assessment ultimately identified Landcom’s organisational boundaries and a wide range of emission sources including offices and sales centres, staff transport and organisational and capital expenditures. 

As part of Landcom’s partnership with Sustainability Advantage, we investigated opportunities to replace our organisational vehicle fleet and are now shifting to electric vehicles. Moving forward, Landcom is continuing to work with Sustainability Advantage to develop a better understanding of the carbon emissions associated with our land development activities. Between CY19 and CY21, Landcom’s emissions continued to reduce. While this was largely due to Landcom offices and sales centres being closed or operating at a reduced capacity for a large portion of the year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to improve our processes to drive down emissions. This includes starting to identify and categorise carbon neutral products and services, formalising a flexible work arrangement to allow staff to work from home and efforts at our office and sales centres to drive down waste as well as reduce energy and water consumption. 

For CY21, after driving down our emissions further, we continued to use Australian Carbon Credit Units previously procured and retired from the Darling River Eco Corridor near Lowan, NSW, highlighting our considered decision to procure NSW-located, nature-based offsets. We have now been Climate Active certified for three years and currently support other partners on their journey to carbon neutrality.