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Lachlan’s Line and the Design Review Panel

Landcom has a strong legacy of delivering exemplary design. For over ten years, we have incorporated independent expert design review as a fundamental component of our project delivery process.

Our Design Review Panel consists of four experts in the field of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and urban planning. They provide expert review of projects in concept or masterplan design, with the aim of achieving design excellence. 

The Lachlan’s Line Lot 117 project is an Affordable Housing apartment building to be delivered within our Lachlan’s Line precinct in Macquarie Park. Designed by SJB architects, the proposal will be delivered in partnership with Community Housing Provider Link Wentworth Housing and deliver 100% Affordable Housing. 

The project team attended our Design Review Panel twice between November 2021 and June 2022. While the building was initially conceived as a single residential tower, the design team the design team carefully considered preliminary feedback from our Design Review Panel, relating to cross ventilation and solar access. The design team returned to the Panel with a refined concept for twin buildings that delivered superior solar access, cross-ventilation, and privacy to all apartments, enhanced the ground plane with an articulated entryway at street level and provided a rooftop community garden for both towers. 

The marked improvement to the liveability, functionality, and attractiveness of the scheme between design review sessions was significant. The Panel provided further guidance on the revised proposal, advising the design team on options for waste management, high-quality landscaping and façade treatments that could be delivered in an economically efficient way to meet the needs of future residents. 

The project successfully balances the site location and amenity, the operating requirements of Link Wentworth Housing, the sustainability targets of the two partner organisations, and the planning framework that applies to the site. Participating in design review saw a good initial design benefit from enhancements that have assisted the project to achieve overall design excellence.

"The opportunity to participate in Landcom’s design review process has led to improved design outcomes for the entire project. The quality of living spaces for residents, communal areas and building aesthetics have been elevated using good design principles. The design review process helped us tackle difficult technical issues and consider alternative design solutions that improved the overall quality of both buildings.

Paul Hunt, Head of Development,
Link Wentworth.

Image: Artist impression of the proposed buildings at podium level at Lachlan’s Line.