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Landcom’s First Reconciliation Action Plan

Landcom finalised our very first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan in FY22.

Landcom’s Reflect RAP aims to turn a lens inward and prepare Landcom for future reconciliation initiatives and embed lasting, impactful practices towards reconciliation.

Collaboration remained a central theme to developing our Reflect RAP. The Reflect RAP was developed in consultation with the Reflect RAP Collaborative (RAPC) in accordance with Reconciliation Australia’s RAP framework, covering the Four Pillars of Reconciliation – Respect, Relationships, Opportunities and Governance. The RAPC included representation from across the business to ensure that the entire organisation remained updated throughout the development process. With guidance and review from Murawin, the RAPC worked through the framework provided to understand how deliverables could be implemented, as well as working to identify additional actions Landcom could take across our operations to go above and beyond.

Staff continued to develop their cultural competence and confidence with the help of Murawin, who facilitated a series of ‘Yarning Circles’. Topics included Regenerative Design, Healing and Restoration, Indigenous Approach to place and others with the aim of helping Landcom staff to engage with First Nations stakeholders within the context of our work as developers.

Landcom will continue our cultural competency and confidence training throughout FY23 to ensure all staff feel enabled and empowered to advance reconciliation in their own ways. Landcom will now move towards implementing our Reflect RAP across the entire business and report back on our progress internally to our team, as well as externally to Reconciliation Australia.

Image: ‘Our Journey’ by Danielle Mate. Commissioned to celebrate Landcom’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.